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Thomas Enders had an impressive career. Born as the child of poor parents he achieved success very early and won the first prize for landscape painting of the Academy of Fine Arts while he was still a student. Only few years later he won the "Große Malpreis" which was donated by the Emperor and was henceforth promoted by Fürst Clemens Metternich. This career allowed Thomas Ender to take part in the Austrian expedition to Brasil and to travel to the Orient and South Russia, which led him also to Greece and Constantinopel. Thomas Ender was the Kammermaler of the Archeduke Johann, professor at The Academy of Vienna and was awarded with the Franz-Joseph-Orden.

In his paintings he linked artistic skill to a very precise and acuarate topography. He depicted not only the Austrian but also the Brasilian landscape in hundreds of impressive paintings.


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